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My name is Kaniel.
Artist. 20 years old. Engaged to an amazing, wonderful, perfect dragon named Elta.
Austistic / Disabled / White / Transgender Male (and Void)
Somewhere between pop-plant-punk and kandi-halloweencore.
Feel free to contact me about anything!

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❤sappy tree❤ My Sunshine art doge homes best in me theme

i don’t know if i should transfer to arcane flight or not nngngnnnnnn

like i love nature flight but i feel like my clan would be better suited to…. well, my stories that i try to place behind all of them is that they have such passion and love for trees and nature and studying it and trying to spread it in the best way for the surrounding ecosystems, you know? None of them actively dislike plague flight, either. 

they’re almost more botanists than they are gardeners and tree-spreaders….

  1. iamladyloin said: Maybe Wind? They could have a passion for blowing seeds all about? And the whole “Need air to breath” thing
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    I don’t think you’re unfitting for Nature flight. Not all clans gotta be the same, and it’s not like gardening etc isn’t...
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